Sanitizer Stand (Pedal)

NO HAND-EASY TO USE FOOT PEDAL: The ANKA sanitizer stand comes with an easy to use foot pedal that allows you to apply hand sanitizer without having to touch the bottle or the stand. The foot pedal makes this sanitizer stand safe and hygienic to use without touching it
NO POWER & ENERGY HAND SANITIZER HOLDER: This sleek design hand sanitizer dispenser is a touch less with no batteries, no cables and no installation required. This hand sanitizing station is completely mechanical, so it does not require the use of toxic batteries or have any power consumption
DURABLE WITH COATED STEEL MATERIAL: This no-touch dispensing station is constructed from good quality powder-coated steel material which makes more stylish to look and durable for a long
IDEAL FOR BUSY ENTRYWAYS: This hand sanitizer holder stand is perfect for busy entryways. The sanitizing station has a unique and sturdy base that makes it a freestanding unit and supports it. This no hand sanitizer stand is the most practical solution for offices and workplaces